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Network Meeting spring 2021

18 May 2021 All day

Implementing Early Contractor Involvment: balancing innovation and risk

The 30th NETLIPSE Network Meeting took place online last Tuesday May 18th from 13:00 to 15:00. This was our fourth online meeting via Microsoft Teams and attracted once again a large audience from all over the world. This time we zoomed in on the practical challenges of implementing Early Contractor Invovlement (ECI) models.

Programme and presentations

The Spring Network Meeting built upon our extra meeting in March where we learned about the experiences with ECI in Sweden and the UK. In this meeting we went into more detail about the how, when and also why of involving the contractor early in the delivery of large scale infrastructure projects.

The programme consisted of three presentations and a break-out session. In the presentations we looked at the experiences with ECI in road and water infrastructure projects. Also we reflected on how to optimize the use of contracting models and ECI. 

[You can find the programme here]

In the first presentation Mauri Mäkiaho guided the audience through the process that the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) follows to come to a procurement strategy. The FTIA uses a fixed set of criteria and benchmarks to evaluate the appropriate contracting model for each project.  Consequently Mauri Mäkiaho concentrated on some projects where this evaluation has resulted in ECI and what the experiences were.

[You can find the presentation here]

Secondly, Peter Staats from the Dutch watership Drents Oversijsselse Delta shared his ECI experiences for a complex inner-city dike reinforcement project: Stadsdijken Zwolle. Peter Staats explained how the complexity of the project has benefited from the ECI. To optimize these benefits he has implemented a unique and radical form of collaboration between the client and contractor organisation, with full transparency and equality. According to Peter Staats this has facilitated the trust and commitment which he now sees as key to the success of the project.

[You can find the presentation here]

The third speaker Dejan Makovsek from the OECD informed us about the development and testing of a new contracting tool at the OECD and in Norway. He shared with us the observations in the market that have led to the initiative and the research that has gone into its development. According to Dejan Makovsek, the tool can help project delivery organization in taking a holistic approach to selecting the right contracting strategy. This includes a close look at the make-or-buy question and the scoping of the project into multiple contracts. Also see his recent publication on this topic here.

[You can find the presentation here]

We like to thank all presenters once more for their interesting contributions. Based on the three presentations there was an interesting discussion in break-out rooms around the following questions:

  • What delivery model challenges are most common in your organisation?
  • When do you decide on the model and start developing the contracting strategy?
  • What are your experiences with collaborative procurement strategies?

Thank you to all participants for joining the meeting and for your contributions to the discussions.


Next Network Meeting
We’re positive that our next Network Meeting can be in-person once again and look forward to seeing you on November 8th-9th 2021. Please save these dates in your agenda and we’ll be announcing the location soon.

If you have any questions regarding NETLIPSE, our publications or events, please feel free to contact us via info@netlipse.eu.




18 May 2021