Join a Network Meeting

A key activity of NETLIPSE for the exchange and development of knowledge on the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects are the twice a year Network Meetings. At these two-day events project clients, project managers and/or researchers present and discuss their challenges and good practices in presentations and workshops. Network Meetings are hosted (and sponsored) by member organisations and usually include  a project site visit.

The tradition of Network Meetings started in 2006 and they have been organised at least twice a year ever since. The purpose of the bi-annual Network Meetings is to offer NETLIPSE members the possibility to present and discuss their challenges and experience in the management of large infrastructure projects, to discuss and disseminate research and project results as well as IPAT assessment results.

Do you want to join the next Meeting and meet other NETLIPSE participants? Please register for the next meeting via this link and let us know if you would like to become a member as well.