Booklet: Conflicts between Institutional Frameworks and Managerial Project Practice

On May 8th 2012 in Copenhagen the first European Infrastructure Procurement Symposium (EIPS) took place organized by the Network for Large Infrastructure Projects (NETLIPSE) and Next Generation Infrastructures (NGInfra). The Danish Road Directorate was the main sponsor of the event.

The EIPS was part of the 12th bi-annual NETLIPSE Network Meeting which focused on implicit and explicit benchmarking of present and future procurement experience from project clients, practitioners, researchers and scientists from different European countries active in the field of public transport projects. Keynote speakers provided historical and future perspectives on the impact of regulation on current project practice. Participants also discussed emerging topics in Business Arenas that were coordinated by representatives from different member states. In addition, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on procurement development were gathered for future research.

NETLIPSE is proud to present the results of the discussions that took place during the symposium in this publication: “Conflicts between Institutional Frameworks and Managerial Project Practice”.

NETLIPSE will continue discussing best practices and lessons learnt in all areas of managing and organising public transport projects.