Conference: Has EU rail policy effectively guaranteed fair competition?

The European Commission issued a White Paper in 2001 setting the agenda for the European transport policy throughout 2010, and including radical changes in the rail sector. As a result, both passenger and freight transport in member states have undergone profound changes in order to increase fair (inter)national and intermodal competition.

But how effective has EU rail policy been so far?

The Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds has performed extensive research on the implementation and effectiveness of EU rail policy.

The results from this and other research, as well as the plans of the Commission and the views of the industry stakeholders on where we should be heading will be discussed during the conference Effectiveness of EU Rail Policy on 22 June 2010 in Brussels.

  • The conference offers you a high-quality international platform to:
  • gain insight into the EU policy-making process
  • hear from member states how regulation ensures efficiency
  • discuss policy effectiveness with MEPs and various rail actors and share your opinion
  • evaluate the current situation and the plans for future European rail directives
  • network and exploit business opportunities with decision-makers
  • share best practices

Carefully selected speakers will provide you with a profound insight into rail policy and regulation. At the end of each session you are kindly invited to join the discussion forum on how effective EU rail policy has been and how we should continue in order to keep ensuring fair competition.

Some confirmed speakers:

Chris Nash, Institute for Transport Studies – University of Leeds UK

Maurizio Castelletti, EC DG TREN BE

Michael Robson, EIM BE

Karsten Otte, Bundesnetzagentur DE

Jan-Eric Nilsson, VTI SE

Emile Quinet, PSE-ENPC FR

Michel Quidort, EPTO BE

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The International Conference: Effectiveness of EU rail policy is not an event organised by NETLIPSE. NETLIPSE is not affiliated in any way with Europoint, the Institute for Transport Studies or the University of Leeds.