Fall Network Meeting 2021 – Contracting and Delivering Sustainability

Contracting and Delivering Sustainability

Our Fall Network Meeting took place November 9th from 13:00 to 15:00hrs (CET). In the meeting we discussed ways of translating sustainability goals into procurement criteria and demands. We look back at a very interesting meeting with some great insights into the procurement and management of more sustainable infrastructure projects. A big thank you to all the speakers and participants!

In the we learned about:

1) The Environmental Cost Indicator used by Rijkswaterstaat to score bids on environmental impact in their infrastructure projects tenders. With a systematic approach sustainability measures are linked up to selectrion criteria in a transparent way.

2) The consortium De Groene Boog (“The Green Arch”) and their sustainability promises and their continuous drive to improve on them during the realisation phase. Thanks to a special fund for sustainable execution and a dedicated organisational structure the project team continues to realise sustainability gains within the project and beyond.

3) The City of Copenhagen has ambitious goals in becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025. This means for the procurement and realisation of civil works a great focus on fossil and even emission free projects. With a structure of incentives, demands and market dialogue, the city is well on the way to a emmission free construction site.  

4) Also Die Autobahn GmbH shared with us their experiences with the recent NETLIPSE IPAT assessment of a highway project in the South of Germany. By inviting a group of international assessors the project organisation obtained some great insights into how to be best prepared for transitioning into the next phase of the project.

5) Finally, the Interregional Agency for the Po river presented their succesful application for CEF funding with a project that aims at improving the inland navigation in Norther Italy with the construction of a set of groynes. In the presentation we learned about the importance of the largest river of Italy for waterway transport and how the project is designed to improve on this.  

It was great to see everyone and have the ability to meet virtually. Yet networking and discussing topics remains challenging in the digital space. We therefore hope (once more) that our next meeting in May 2022 can take place on location and look forward to see you (again) in person.

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