First PAO course Managing Large Infrastructure Projects well received!

‘Inspiring, Interesting and Innovative’

On the sixth and seventh of October a number of international experts from the NETLIPSE Network – Matt Dillon, Frank Wadenpohl, Dirk Lauwers, Pau Lian Staal , Eddy Westerveld, Reijer Baas, Lieke Hendrix and Marcel Hertogh organised the PAO course Managing Large Infrastructure Projects. PAO stands for Postgraduate Education and is affiliated to the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Results from the NETLIPSE research, the PhD research of Eddy Westerveld and Marcel Hertogh on complexity of projects were the foundation for the course. A range of themes and projects were reviewed: optimism bias in UK cost-benefit analysis, the influence of the Swiss electoral system in the planning of the Gotthard tunnel, the history of the Oosterweel connection (bridge versus tunnel), complexity and management theories, working together in alliances and of course the main findings from NETLIPSE, both overall and across stakeholders. The participating engineers, consultants and officials from the Netherlands and Belgium graded the course with an 8 (out of 10)!