Formal EU decision to support NETLIPSE in the next phase

NETLIPSE is very proud and happy to announce that in September 2009 it received the formal EU decision to support NETLIPSE in the next phase.

The United Kingdom Department for Transport and the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management are the two beneficiaries of NETLIPSE and are working closely to continue the NETLIPSE initiative and expanding the ever-growing network.

One of our main tasks is to establish an organisational structure that will efficiently manage the NETLIPSE Network in the long term, ensuring the management and further development of the IPAT and the training programme. In order to do so, the involvement of other member states, as well as project organisations, financial institutes, insurance companies and the European Union itself, is crucial. These parties can support NETLIPSE by working together in the execution of this Programme. Furthermore, participants can participate in and profit from the development and first results of the IPAT, join the Special Interest Groups, join Network Meetings and have access to the knowledge network via the NETLIPSE website.

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