NETLIPSE Book Published

Europe has set up an ambitious programme of transport network projects. 30 Trans-national axes have been identified by the EC, that cross the border of the Union. The required investment to complete this trans-European network has been estimated to be € 600 bn. Effective execution of mostly large infrastructure projects is needed complete this network. Realisation of these projects is difficult as many encounter substantial cost overruns and time delays.

How to manage these large infrastructure projects? The NETLIPSE publication: ‘Managing Large Infrastructure Projects: Research on Best Practices and Lessons Learnt in Large Infrastructure Projects in Europe’ gathers best practices and lessons learnt in the management and organisation of large infrastructure projects.

Best practices and lessons learnt on objectives and scope, stakeholder management, financial management, organisation and management, risks (and opportunities), contracting, legal consents and knowledge and technology are described in detail. The NETLIPSE book contains practical information on the results obtained. In addition, an overview is given of all the rail, road and waterway projects researched.

These findings are of use for sponsors, clients, project managers, specialists and stakeholders who want to improve the management of these major projects. The research was carried out by project managers, consultants and scientists. The recommendations combine practical and scientific views. The NETLIPSE project was sponsored by the European Commission under the 6th Framework programme. 15 Large Infrastructure transport projects were researched throughout Europe. NETLIPSE was the first step in creating a European network for knowledge sharing.

The NETLIPSE book à € 29,50 can be ordered via the website or via

An executive summary of this book can be found here. The full version of the NETLIPSE book can be found here.