NETLIPSE invites you to join the NETLIPSE network!

NETLIPSE invites you to join the NETLIPSE network! It is free!

Members of the network participate actively and therefore gain benefits from sharing, developing and disseminating knowledge. Members are inspired to strive for better results in the management and organisation of their transport infrastructure projects. A network member enjoys the following benefits:

  • access to the NETLIPSE knowledge network;
  • invitations to Network Meetings and other interesting events;
  • access to the LinkedIn discussions;
  • participation in or leading (a) research or project group(s).
  • possibility to participate in the development of the IPAT;
  • possibility to take part in research and development of NETLIPSE tools and training;
  • possibility to become an IPAT assessor;
  • possibility to submit a project to be assessed.

NETLIPSE is the NETwork for the dissemination of knowledge on the management and organisation of Large Infrastructure ProjectS in Europe. In that way, only all public and academic professionals with a proven track record in the delivery or study of Large Infrastructure Projects can become a NETLIPSE member.

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