New insights about integrated project delivery

Integrated Project Development is often associated with harnessing the knowledge and experience of all parties throughout all phases of an infrastructure project. It’s a topic that receives a lot of attention at the NETLIPSE meetings and that is central to the work and research of many NETLIPSE members. 

Recently, NETLIPSE member and emeritus professor Derek Walker (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) published, together with professor Steve Rowlinson (University of Hong Kong), the ‘Routledge Handbook of Integrated Project Development‘. This is the first Handbook to contextualise and thematically explore the concept of Integrated Project Development from both a practical and theoretical standpoint. For more information about Derek Walker’s new book and a special discount code click here.

Together with Paulo Vaz Serra (University of Melbourne), Derek Walker has also recently completed a study titled ‘Investigating the Treatment of Target Adjustment Events in Alliance Projects’. The study looks at complex Australian engineering infrastructure projects and how alliancing contributes to a shared understanding of the project sope and requirements. Central to this, the authors argue, is the ability to arrive at a realistic and resaonable achievable target outturn cost (TOC) by way of the Target Adjustments Event (TAE) process. For a link to the report check here.