Opportunities of Open Innovation Environments for Large Infrastructure Projects – NETLIPSE Case Study

Technological and organizational excellence is the key element for business success in any modern
business and project environment. Post globalization and instable business environments demand
permanent improvements and changes of business processes. “Open the boxes” and exchange information,
ideas and set-up collaboration with stakeholders such as customers, end-users, clients,
vendors, business partners, potential competitors – this is a challenge of current (project-) organizations
and their innovative environments. The open innovation environment concept was born in
2003, presented by professor Chesbrough from Berkley. Since then, researchers and practitioners
are searching for successful applications of this idea. How we can improve the performance of large
infrastructure projects by using this concept of work will be presented in this paper. The theoretical
introduction will be illustrated by practical example of the existing NETLIPSE knowledge network.
NETLIPSE is the network for dissemination of knowledge on the management and organization of
large infrastructure projects in Europe.

Brane Semolic and Pau Lian Staal-Ong wrote an interesting article on open innovation featuring NETLIPSE as a case study in IPMA’s Project Perspectives. You can find their article here.