Slovakian news update: new bypass for the city of Žilina

The regional city of Žilina in the North of Slovakia has been waiting for a solution for its traffic situation for a long time. Two trans-European corridors intersect right in this city. The Rhine-Danube corridor connects the East and West of Slovakia and the Baltic-Adriatic corridor connects the South with the North of the country. Until last year the entire transit passed right through Žilina and its inhabitants had to cope with negative impacts of the traffic burden in the form of ecological waste, noise and especially unbearable traffic congestions.

The motorway section of D3 Žilina, Strážov – Žilina, Brodno of a total length of 5 km was completed and put into operation by the end of 2017. Its construction started in 2014. The motorway users will reduce the driving time by half compared to the time needed to pass through the city. The motorway section is a part of the motorway stretch “D3 Hričovské Podhradie – state border with Poland” that is to provide a transport connection of Slovakia´s capital and its Southwest regions with the North of the country (TEN-T corridor). There is still about 26 km to be constructed in order to complete the entire D3 motorway.


The newly opened section of the D3 motorway is one of the most interesting infrastructure constructions in Slovakia. It includes a bridge of a total length of 1.5 km standing on 57 pillars mostly founded in the water dam of Hričov. The bridge runs directly into the adjacent tunnel of the total length of 2.2 km. The tunnel has two tubes in both directions and excavations started from 6 locations simultaneously. About 240 persons worked non-stop on the tunnel structures. Leaving the tunnel, the route continues to the North via another bridge spanning over the river of Kysuca.

The project of D3 Žilina, Strážov – Žilina, Brodno was financed from the EU Cohesion fund. The amount of EU grant for the project was 239,848,194.29 EUR.

The city of Žilina is awaiting another motorway section of D1 stretching from the West to the East of the country that will complete the bypass of Žilina. This motorway section of D1 Hričovské Podhradie – Lietavská Lúčka is currently under construction and it will be completed in 2019 utilizing EU funds.

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