Summary of the Kick-off Meeting SIG ‘Procurement and Contracting’

On 30th of March 2010, Professor Spang hosted the first meeting of the Special Interest Group “Procurement and Contracting” (SIG PC). Professor Spang is the Issue Manager of the SIG PC. He is supported by Rob de Jong.

During the meeting, which took place at the University of Kassel (Germany), Professor Spang underlined the necessity and importance of a change in the relationship between client and contractor towards a real partnership. To discuss the matters relating this subject, a SIG P&C Core Team was formed. The core team will meet on a regular base in the upcoming period.

What did the SIG do in Kassel? They brainstormed about themes and formulated some first ideas.

The SIG got their starting point by working out the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the SIG?
  • Which themes are important to work out in order to be able to know if you cover the right things?
  • What activities do we have to undertake?
  • What should be our way of working?
  • Which people should we focus on as our members?

The result is a kick off document that you can read on the SIG part of this Netlipse site.

If this has caught your interest, the SIG PC kindly invites you to join the Network Meeting in Vilnius. The SIG has scheduled a session during this meeting on Tuesday 18th of May 2010.