You can register for the Parma Network Meeting!

The next NETLIPSE Network Meeting will take place in Parma, Italy on May 25th-26th.Thank you to the Agency for the Po River (AIPo), which will host this meeting!

Travel options
You can travel from and to Parma via Bologna Airport, Milan Linate Airport or Milan Malpensa Airport. We recommend to travel via Bologna, from which there are good options to travel in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes by train to Parma.

Don’t forget to register
If you would like to join the Parma Network Meeting, please register via the link below.

[Register for the Parma Network Meeting]

The NETLIPSE MT is working on designing an interesting and interactive programme, which includes a visit to one of the major AIPo locks projects. In addition, we will enjoy what Italy is also famous for: its good food. On the Monday for instance, we will have dinner at the lovely Restaurant Antica Trattoria Cattivelli. Of course we will arrange transport to and from the restaurant. Other highlights of the programme will be online soon! If you would like to contribute to the meeting by discussing interesting project challenges in a presentation or workshop, please contact

More information and travel details will be available soon. But for now: please register and save these dates of 25-26th of May in your agenda!