IPAT® assessment framework

What is the IPAT?

The IPAT® (Infrastructure Project Assessment Tool) is developed by NETLIPSE to evaluate, monitor and improve infrastructure projects (management). The objectives of the IPAT are

  • to assess ‘the maturity’ of a large infrastructure project
  • to indicate if a project delivery organisation is ready to enter the next project phase
  • to improve the project organisation.

The assessments are carried out as peer reviews by international teams of trained IPAT assessors and NETLIPSE members.

IPAT Assessments can be considered a ‘health check’ for your project and its organisation. They are an independent evaluation of your project that gives insight into the capability of a project and provides recommendations to the project team to improve. All the results are presented in an Assessment Report. A central part of the assessment is a two-day Site Visit during which all relevant project stakeholders are interviewed.

IPAT Framework

The IPAT consists of eight project management themes that focus on the different aspects of the project, its context and the delivery organization. Each theme consists of several subthemes that are addressed in the interviews with project team members, clients, contractors and other relevant project stakeholders. The eight themes are:

  1. Political context
  2. Objectives, Purpose, Business Case (value) and Scope
  3. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
  4. Risk Management and Project Controls
  5. Organisation and Management
  6. Permits, Authorisations and Consents
  7. Technology
  8. Contracting and Procurement

Why an IPAT Assessment?

An IPAT Assessment is a means of providing constructive guidance and help to ensure greater chance of successfully delivering complex transport projects on time and to budget. It provides input to improve the quality of your project at the start, during realisation and end of the project. It can also be applied as an evaluation tool at seven project realisation milestone moments as defined by NETLIPSE, that provides insight into the level of maturity of the project management and readiness to enter the next project phase.

Clients have indicated they appreciate the assessment process and the delivered results in the form of an Assessment Report.

If you are interested in finding out more about the IPAT tool and assessment process or would like to submit a project for an IPAT assessment, please contact us at info@netlipse.eu.

Discussions with the assessors during the assessment are very valuable and sometimes even mind opening!

The assessors are highly qualified project managers from the same field with loads of relevant experience.

The IPAT Assessment helped to check the direction we were going, identify weaknesses and also helped with the difficult budget discussions with the sponsor.